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Top 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks Of 2012 (April)

Howdy, Folks Today I Got The Top 10 Cydia Tweaks That You should Have On Your iOS 5 Devices. If You Like Any Of These Tweaks Just Makes Sure To Comment, Rate & Subscribe. It Would Really Help! Month Of March Edition: www.youtube.com ———- Top 10 Must Have Cydia Tweaks List: 1. SwipeShiftCaret 2. Swipe For Mail 3. Zeppelin 4. WeeRoll Lite 5. ScreenSwipeSounds 6. AnimateDock 7. Anti-Theft 8. AnyAttach 9. AppActivationAudio 10. Attacher ——— Follow AppleTechelping On Twitter @ twitter.com Facebook FanPage: www.facebook.com Website: iToole.com -Thanks For Watching
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  1. 14:14 wtf

  2. god your voice is so dull!!!!
    i almost fell asleep
    19 min for 10 tweaks and almost all the tweaks are bad
    you have too much time man!!!???

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  7. How do I restart my mail for anyattach?

  8. Tnx mate u are pro mate ;)

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  10. What font is that?

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  12. most of those apps are useless guys and drain your battery for me the top cydia tweaks are
    zeusmos ( for free apps )
    you wont regret checking these apps out

  13. how did you get that text? ;o

  14. How to get more theme for zeppelin?

  15. thumbs up if you have adblock :P

  16. good whan

  17. best is swipeselection better than “swipe shift” HA GAY

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  21. Thanks for the info

  22. The Anti-Theft is the dumbest thing i have ever seen.

  23. its called zeppelin

  24. Nice job mate :D 

  25. How did you get The signal bar on the left