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iPhone custom SMS text tones

www.digidna.net How to get Custom SMS tones on your iPhone 2g 3g or 3gs

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  1. I tried changing them back to caf files, aif files, and it still wouldn’t work.

  2. what program did he use in 1:40?

  3. thanks man, i got a lil frustrated at that step

  4. worked perfectly! thank you so much!

  5. For windows, go to Control panel – Appearance and themes – folder options – view – unclick hide extensions for known types then rename the file and it will change the file type.

  6. To the left you’ll see USB Key, Music & Video, Photos, Data, and more going down in a list. Click on File System and then Root. My problem is that my audio file does not have a folder called ULSounds

  7. this is sooo out dated

  8. To everyone not finding the root folder option where his is, just look on the left hand side with all the options such as usb key; music & video etc. You want to click on File System and that will show you a subfolder named Root.

  9. no ROOT FOLDER found…it says “BUY DISKAID”…”REGISTER”….

  10. drag it into diskaid as then rename it in diskaid then copy to desk top then change to name of file you want to replace

  11. i figured out how to change it and i replaced the file but when i select the tone no sound plays i restarted and everything any idea??

  12. I’m using windows, and when i replaced the information it dident change the file to .caf and when i went to drag it into the folder it did not replace the previous file, ( I’m honestly not sure on what your changing exactly when you replace with name. is it the actual name of the file of is it something else bcz my computer wouldn’t allow me to change anything but the name?? please get back to me) btw mine dident say get info it said preferences on the file

  13. i got 99 problems but a bitch aint one! haha

  14. NOT doing that just for a damn SMS…Cydia here i come.

  15. i got to 1:08 and i couldn’t find that when i was doing it can you help me?

  16. This looks very useful, thanks. I’ll give it a shot.

  17. Great video resolution, very helpful.

  18. Check my other comment.

  19. IMPORTANT! FOR WINDOWS USERS: on your file explorer (Windows 7) go to “Organize” > “Folder and Search Options” > “View” > Uncheck “Hide Extensions For Known File Types” option.
    You should now be able to edit the file extensions like Donkelton by changing the last three letters at the end of the file name.
    sms-received4.aif <—-THIS IS A FILE EXTENSION (.aif)

    Hope this helps, and great video.

  20. ok I got everything else down. Problem is I have windows not mac so I can’t go to info and change it but I did change it in properties which I’m sure would be the same but even after putting .caf at the end it didn’t change the format its still an .aif so how can I change that?

  21. Hi, i do everyting wright and at the and i cant make get info on the sms text which is on my desktop. Where i do wrong?
    Thank you

  22. what about iphone 4?

  23. Worked perfectly on my 5.0.1 jailbreaked iPhone 3GS! THANKS!

  24. No need to unlock, jailbreak…etc, completely unnecessary. 
    You don’t need to do all this. Just use iTunes to make SMS tones its easy! Just see my video how to do it!!!

  25. does it hurt the phone or alter it in any way?