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How to Jailbreak iPod Touch 2nd generation 4.0! Get cydia, multitasking, and custom backgrounds!

NEW VIDEO, JAILBREAK ANY GENERATION AND MODEL IPOD VIDEO CLICK LINK!!- www.youtube.com MC Model Jailbreak Video!- www.youtube.com Downloads: Redsn0w- www.iphoneheat.com OR www.blogsdna.com IOS 4 Firmware- www.felixbruns.de This is the IOS 4.0 Jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2nd generation! This jailbreak gives you cydia, allows you to have custom backgrounds, and can use multitasking! Just follow the simple directions and have your iPod Touch 2nd gen jailbroken! Please Thumbs Up, leave a comment, and subscribe!

  1. It’s actually not illegal bcuz once you buy it it’s yours and yours only you can do whatever u want with it I’ve been told by one of the virginia tech college teachers I know

  2. Jailbreakbj(dot)com/?v=82578

  3. Hook it up to iTunes in it will reset don’t use this video it will mess up a perfect iPod I hope I helped

  4. hi i used this jailbreak and know my ipod wont turn on its just flashing a white screen after the apple sign please help what can i do? is my ipod damaged now plz plz help i need it bad

  5. hello and i just want as how to put a backround in a ipod touch dont have camera

  6. its not illegal anymore -_-

  7. Cydia can damage your iPod or any other apple device and it’s alegal or whatever and i dont wanna damage my iPod!!:( just saying dont waste your time doing this!!!! :(

  8. yo i cant restore my ipod it cant load any web page and it wont even sync to itunes wtf did u do to me man

  9. my wont power off and i cant open cydia wtf man!!!

  10. Now I cant powre off ipod :( help pls

  11. Man pls help. I do all u tell but i cant enter cydia and my screen flashing. PLS HELP

  12. is there a way to jailbreak an ipod 2nd gen with a broken lock button

  13. oh crap never mind it wont reboot itself. good thing im getting a new ipod yay

  14. i did it with a mc model and it worked perfectly fine so go head and do it

  15. if you have an MC model what could happen if you try to jailbreak it

  16. My ipod flashes all the time and cydia doesnt work!!

  17. how do u get 4.0 8a293 bc i have 4.2.1 8c148

  18. Wow thanks this deserves another Subscriber :D

  19. You look like Fred from scooby doo

  20. Dude I have a 4.2.1 software on iPod touch 2g :)

  21. Redsn0w does work u guys im typing with my 2nd gen ipod touch jailbroken right now its awesome i got a color keyboard too :) :):):):):):):)

  22. I’m sceard that it might break

  23. Cool

  24. Why is it not recommended to do this to an MC Model IPod?

  25. redsn0w is a virus dont use it..!!!!