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How to Get Free WiFI Tether / Hotspot on T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3! [ICS]

Here’s how to get free Wifi tether on T-Mobile SGH-T999 Samsung Galaxy S3. Download Links & Step-by-Step Guide: ultimatedroid.blogspot.com How to Root Galaxy S3 Windows: www.youtube.com How to Root Galaxy S3 Mac: www.youtube.com Don’t forget to: Subscribe, Thanks! www.youtube.com ******************************************************************************** Check out the site for ROMS, Tips, Guides, & a lot more! ultimatedroid.blogspot.com ******************************************************************************** Need to Contact Me for Support? Follow me, like me, & add me! Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Google Plus: plus.google.com Email Me : techfanatic9@gmail.com
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  1. i cant see the hot spot in any device (cell table comp ) any ideas?>

  2. Worth it if you have t-mobiles unlimited plan. not the 2, 5 or 10 gb plan.

  3. not work

  4. it doesn’t work anymore on ANY tethering software. TMobile is now able to sniff packets not coming from the phone and will block it.

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  6. me too…. it says doesnt have all necessary features.

  7. I got it to work but now t mobil keep kill it what can I do

  8. My network name do not sho up on the ps3 so o cant connect to it why is that

  9. Cant find it network on my ps3

  10. Search it on my channel…

  11. where is your jelly bean version?

  12. can provide a link

  13. This is only for Ice Cream Sandwich, watch my Jelly Bean version if your running on Jelly Bean.

  14. Your running on Jelly Bean, watch my Jelly Bean version…

  15. It doesn’t work on my jelly bean 4.1.1. My devices simply cannot detect my hot spot. Please help!

  16. I tryed also foxfi which got me to a point as fire walled. I gave up and wiped everything after I backed up of course then installed Cyogenmod 10 which takes a little longer to get use too but has great benefits. It has no bloatware and I throttled free with unlimited data and free tethering now!

  17. I will have a Jelly Bean 4.1.1 version soon.

  18. I get errors in Teather! I have 4.1.1

  19. I have the truly unlimited data plan! Thats why I want to tether because I no longer have a data cap/limit but I cant seem to get it to work

  20. You need to have a data plan.

  21. Hey can you help me Im on T-Mobile with a S3 as well running CM10 Stable and everytime I try to tether I get redirected to the T-Mobile hotspot page on my computer am I doing something wrong? I changed the settings and everything as u did in this video! Im confused

  22. Any idea how to get it in a Sprint variance

  23. Same hear

  24. Doesnt work anymore T-Mobile blocked me..

  25. Just tried it and it worked for me.! I hope they dont charge me for this but thanks!