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Favorite Lock & Unlock Sounds – Jailbreak Tuesday

This week Matt shows off his favorite Lock & Unlock sounds in winterboard. All these sounds are free and can be installed by simply searching the sounds in Cydia and enabling them in winterboard. 1.Transformers Sounds 2.Mac Startup Unlock Sounds 3.HaloSounds 4.Airbag Lock Sounds 5.MarioBrOS Sounds (My absolute favorite) – Check Out My Channel: www.youtube.com – Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like Today’s iPhone on Facebook! facebook.com For reviews, news, tutorials and articles, check out www.todaysiphone.com Visit PhoneDog on Facebook facebook.com
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  1. where to get all this sounds?

  2. Tv tube

  3. look for something like TV lock

  4. Modmyi Do a search in cydia for Mario Powerup & Powerdown

  5. in case no one said it…..airbag sound= air-ride suspension sounds…. (sorry if someone said that already)

  6. what i have to do that i have the percentage battery only ?? ;D

  7. its called tvlocker

  8. any people that love jailbreak videos or any jailbreakers?if so come check out my channel and subscribe for more thanks everybody!

  9. @TodaysiPhone
    hey bud i tried the transformers and air bag sounds and they don’t make any sounds?

  10. does anyone know what the sound is called when its like a high techy sound when you unlock your phone kinda like a in the future iphone sound

  11. with the app “springtomize” if u have the app than open it and go to “animation” scroll down to “lock animation” there u can turn it on …sry for my english im german…just try to help where i can

  12. how can I get the lock animation?

  13. what source is the MarioBros sound plz

  14. This is stupidly random.. but your voice sounds very similar to Robert Downey Jr.s >.>

  15. Hey, what’s the animation of locking the phone called?

  16. step 1:go to cydia, step 2: tap search, step 3: search for “TV Tube Sleep”, step 4: purchase for $0.99,install and enjoy :)

  17. My top is the Metal Gear Unlock tone :D

  18. I guess it’s named android lock on cydia, if that’s the one you’re looking for :)

  19. you an activate that if you use Springtomize 2 tweak on Cydia

  20. Springtomize 2

  21. how’s your lock animation?..:)

  22. My favorite is the walle one

  23. metal gear solid sound is the best one! :D

  24. Well first u get cydia then get springtomize then go into animations then lock animations then it says old tv animations