Factory Unlock Your AT&T iPhone – All BaseBands

Change Lockscreen Time to Custom Text on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

“Custom Lock” is a free tweak available in cydia that allows you to change the clock/time on your lockscreen to any custom text you would like. This works for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Become a fan on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com Check out my other tech channel! www.youtube.com Follow me on Twitter: www.twitter.com Thanks for watching and please LIKE, COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE!

  1. You have to go into Cydia and uninstall it while in safe mode.

  2. Do you know how to turn it off ?

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  4. what is the source?

  5. It puts my device into safety mode

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  8. when i first did the subtitle it took me to safe mode. I deleted custom Lock and tried it again but every time i install custom lock it goes into safe mode.Help!

  9. It also enters safe mode in mine 2 here is a way to exit just restart springboard and erase custom lock that should do the trick

  10. I go with ||winterfroze|| it totally erased my Cydia things then I restarted it it all came back don’t listen to him

  11. why does it go into safe mode DAFUQQQQQ

  12. when i download this it make my iphone go into safe mode!!! helpp me pleasee!!

  13. wen i download this it goes in to saf mode what do i do

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  18. its for jailbroken ipods and iphones

  19. I don’t find it in app

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  24. i know this cydia app is old as hell but can u do a video on Vwallpaper for IOS4 .?